Aiden O'Leary, visionary multi-disciplinary entrepreneur and space industry expert, is the founder and driving force behind Omnetix. Founded in 2023, Omnetix is tackling the world's most formidable challenges, both on and off Earth. With a profound passion for innovation and sustainability, Aiden built Omnetix as a catalyst for transformative holistic solutions that push the boundaries of human potential.

Aiden is a critical thought leader in the field of space sustainability, recognized for his invaluable contributions in the areas of in-space refueling, in-situ resource utilization, and incentive-based policy frameworks for responsible actions in space.

During his time at Orbit Fab, the industry's leading provider of in-space refueling services, he designed the principles of cost-effective refueling architectures and invented the company’s refueling mission planning software, applying both to the study of critical advancements needed for humanity's long-term, sustainable endeavors in space. Notably, his work in applying these architectures to orbital debris remediation was shown to facilitate cost-effective comprehensive active debris removal at a greater than 80% cost reduction over the current state-of-the-art. Aiden's groundbreaking work in this realm played an instrumental role in the most comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of debris removal to date, published by NASA in 2023.

Aiden's pioneering efforts extend to Earth and space resource utilization and critical infrastructure design. His worked has involved analyzing and harnessing symbiotic benefits from the energy, logistics, and manufacturing sectors for industrial decarbonization on Earth and optimized lunar development in space. By assessing every aspect of these different initiatives from their technology life cycle and resource supply chain to the evolving markets they serve, Aiden has created high-fidelity trade-spacing software and tools for multi-objective optimized solutions to each domain’s hardest challenges.

Additionally, Aiden created the Space Doughnut Model, applying Kate Raworth's economic theories to the space domain, and subsequently created sustainability incentive frameworks using data-sharing that mathematically applies benefits to best meet the Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) needs of the people on Earth without exceeding the limitations of the space environment. He's leveraged this work and knowledge in the field of spacecraft design, OSAM and Space Situational Awareness in lobbying US and international government entities for more constructive and regenerative space licensing, policies, and initiatives.

Aiden holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M, where he worked as the Program Manager of AggieSat Laboratory transforming it into, what is still today, the largest student satellite program in the country. He then attended the International Space University's Space Studies Program, where he represented his peers as the Class Speaker and graduated in the top of his class with a focus on policy, economics, and law for sustainable lunar development and resource usage.

Recognizing the profound potential that emerges from the fusion of disciplines, from our oceans to the vast expanse of space, Aiden O'Leary continues to lead the charge in driving forward innovative solutions that shape a more sustainable and prosperous future for humanity and our planet.